Japanese dog-walking day Japanese Garden

Japanese dog-walking day Japanese Garden

April 7, 2018 - Japanese Garden

Japanse Tuin; hondenwandeldag

Are you the proud owner of an Akita or different Japanese dog? Or do you just want to get acquainted with Japanese dog breeds? Then our Japanese dog-walking day is the perfect chance.

For one time only, you can come take a walk in the garden with your - Japanese!- dog. In their country of origin, dogs are very popular. Therefore, the Japanese Garden is the perfect setting for this event. You are also very welcome as a regular visitor, of course. 

Registration for you and your dog is available via inucrewbelgium@gmail.com and free (only entrance to the Japanese Garden is mandatory). 

Do you not own a dog, but do you want to purchase your ticket already? Then you can buy one below. The hours on your ticket the hours on which you are expected to enter the Japanese Garden. With a ticket, you can always stay until closing time. 

Students (1 euro p.p.) and holders of an UiT-pass or teachercards (free) are not required to buy a ticket online. Instead, they can purchase a ticket at the entrance of the Japanese Garden.


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