'Obon Matsuri' Nocturn

'Obon Matsuri' Nocturn

'Obon Matsuri' Nocturn

Date: Wednesday August 16, 18h - 23h

The finishing touch of the lights and festive decorations during a nocturn are always so magical. At this fairy-like festival (matsuri) you will experience the Japanese Garden in a very different way. Immerse yourself in a fascinating obon dance demonstration or a narrator that immerses you in a magical Japanese atmosphere. So exciting: the wishes that the visitors had written down during the Tanabata festival, will be burned that night. This way, they are sent to the gods to let the wishes come true. A real crowd puller! 

Activities of that evening:

  1. The workshops sumi-e  begin at 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, 8.00 pm; This is learning to draw with Japanese ink. Moreover these workshops are accessible for beginners. Maximum 15 people per session, sign up via japanesegarden@hasselt.be .
  2. Lanterns on the pond; everyone who wishes to buy it, can put a lantern on the pond
  3. The evening market with different shops
  4. Workshops to make fluorescent fans ( continuous)
  5. Taiko performance at 7pm, also at 9 pm which will be accompanied by a fire show with juggling; at 10.30 pm it will be accompanied by a beautiful fireworks spectacle
  6. Dragon performance at 8.30 pm
  7. Dance the Bon dance together at 9.30 pm
  8. Wishes Incineration at the pond at 10.45 pm

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