Origami for Peace

Origami for Peace

Origami for Peace

Japanse Tuin; Origami

August 6 2017, 10h - 17h

According to an old Japanese story, you can cure the worst diseases if you fold 1000 cranes. After the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, this story got an extra dimension: a girl who suffered from the radiation sickness, executed the legend and hoped for the healing and peace of all child victims. Since then, cranes, origami and wishes for peace are closely linked. The Japanese Garden also commemorates the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 every year with an origami contest about folding cranes. 

What includes this program?

  1. Origami workshops start at 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm where more explanation will be given about traditions behind origami. Beyond the crane bird, other forms will be learned where each one has its own cultural background. There are a maximum of 10 participants per workshop.  Sign up via japanesegarden@hasselt.be .
  2. The performance of “ Keiko’s story ” , by a chorus.  A narrator tells the story of Keiko,a girl, who experienced the atomic bom and all is accompanied by the chorus and orchestra.
  3. Taiko for Peace Project

The idea to Taiko for  Peace  grew throughout the whole world during the Inadani ( intensive drumworkshop) in Nagoya (Japan). Since 2015 with permission of Wadaiko Tokara (renowned Japanese drum band),  Wadaiko Gin no Piyoko had the creation Niji Matsuri brought during the International Day of Peace in Gent, Antwerp and Leuven.

Niji Matsuri means Rainbow holiday, the symbol of Peace and since 2017 had been expanded to the International Week of Peace. Not only on the 21st of September, but also at the beginning and end of the Week of Peace pop up/ flash mob will take place in many cities of Belgium. The volunteers of Gin no Piyoko with Japanese drum (taiko) want to draw the attention to Peace to contribute to Peaceful projects, like during  our Origami for Peace on 6th of August.

  1. Hashi- shop with Japanese accessories. They will be open without break and there will be crane bird folding.  You can find more information on www.hashi.be .

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