Photo Exhibition Kris Van de Sande

Photo Exhibition Kris Van de Sande

Photo Exhibition Kris Van de Sande

Kris Van de Sande; Japanse Tuin; Herfst

Kris Van de Sande (1986) has visited the Japanese Garden for all of his life. Since its opening in 1992, Kris saw the Garden evolve and he evolved with it as a photographer. From the start of his passion in 2004, he began to record the Garden's evolution and he visited there more than one time in a month.  

The Yokoso Festival that celebrates the 25th birthday of the Garden is therefore the perfect moment to have a look at the most beautiful pictures of the Garden in the extensive archive of our photographer. Sometimes huge landscapes, sometimes small details.

Just as a photographer has to search for the perfect picture-spot, the visitors will also have to look for the printed pictures throughout the Garden. Sometimes, the perfect image is hidden between two bushes, or you have to run to see it at a perfect moment.  Zigzag through the Garden in the footprints of Kris, and discover it like never before. 

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