Wish Festival- Tanabata

Wish Festival- Tanabata

Wish Festival - Tanabata


You have a wish and want to improve your fate? Do not miss out on the annual Tanabata festival. During this tranquil event, you can write down your wish(es) and hang up the paper on the special bamboo structure in the Japanese Garden, hoping that it comes true.

A highlight of the programme: 
- Haiku-workshops (learn how to write a haiku for free): 11h - 13h - 15h
Subscribe: japanesegarden@hasselt.be 
Participants of the workshops of 11h and 13h can compete for the price of the public 'Best haiku of the day'.

- Singing bowl/gong-concert and workshop: 12h - 14h - 15.30h
Subscribe: japanesegarden@hasselt.be 

- Shamisen, koto and shakuhachi concerts

- Writing wishes and hanging them on our wishing board

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