World Tai Chi Day Japanese Garden

World Tai Chi Day Japanese Garden

April 28, 2018 - Japanese Garden


April 28 is World Tai Chi Day. We also celebrate this at the Japanese Garden. The profile of the Chinese Tai-Chi fits perfectly with that of the Japanese Garden. Peace, zen and balance go hand in hand in Japanese culture. At 10am, we will start with a Tai-Chi wave, which will be done throughout the world at 10am local time. Then, visitors can enjoy Tai-Chi sessions, but also experience the Japanese Garden itself.

Registration is not necessary. For further questions you can email japansetuin@hasselt.be.

Here you can buy your tickets for the Festival. The hours on your ticket indicate your estimated arrival time. For example, with a ticket of 10 am, you can also stay in the Garden until 5 o'clock at night.

Students (1 € p.p.), people with an UiTpas Hasselt and a teacher card (free entrance) do not buy their tickets online, but at the register on the day itself.


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